Jack Kenna’s Love Shack 2019 Predictions

Projected Standings

  1. Fuck Steve (Tyler M)
  2. Undecided (Tyler F)
  3. Charles Blackman (Ken M)
  4. Benny Biceps (Sean W)
  5. Tylers Tears (Ricky C)
  6. LoLuMuELLeR? (Dan C)
  7. One Big Pile of Duda (Rob E)
  8. Rays All the Way (Chadd S)
  9. Wing Nutz (Kerry W)
  10. I play for September (Stephen S)
  11. LaMura’s Lineup (Joey L)
  12. ┬┴┬┴┤ ͜ʖ ͡°)╭∩╮ (Brett B)
  1. Fuck Steve

Tyler M (3rd place last season. Only top 3 finish in 11 years of playing in the league. Still looking for first trip to the finals)

Tyler has literally been waiting for this year since he season came to an abrupt end last September. Through many ups and downs in the offseason, he came into the draft as one of the most prepared guys in the league, with multiple mock drafts done in the past few weeks. Tyler came out early firing bullets and grabbing the league MVP Mookie Betts which set a tone for an offense that has very solid balance throughout and is without a weakness on that side of the roster. Unfortunately for Tyler, that great offense came at the expense of his pitching staff. He is very good at the top with a 1 2 punch of Verlander and Cole that has to be rated as the best in the league. It will take some work for him however to put together the rest of the staff. How Tyler can add pieces during the early part of the season to the pitching staff will decide whether or not this is his year to finally breakthrough. I will say however, that this is one of the best rosters hes ever put together and he seems primed to be a top 4 team when the regular season ends, presuming he can make the right in season moves to sure up that starting staff.

Best Pick: Mookie Betts

Worst Pick: Nomar Mazara

  • Undecided

Tyler F (First year in JKLS, taking the place of our dearly departed Brian Udzinski, who lost his social life in a battle with finally getting a job)

Tyler was the wild card who came into the league at the last second. No one knew what to expect of him coming into the draft. He impressed many people throughout the draft, building a team that many would consider among the leagues very best on paper. He struck a high balance of established veterans and high ceiling young players which is exactly the way you should be attacking these drafts. Tyler should be able to carry this roster into a playoff spot barring something going dramatically wrong. The only question I have is how will be manage his roster week to week in a league filled with 10 plus year veterans of fantasy sports, that will be the deciding factor in whether he is able to ride his elite roster in the playoffs, or fall just short and wonder where it all went wrong.

Best Pick: Matt Chapman

Worst Pick: Kyle Schwarber

  • Charles Blackman

Ken M (Defending Champion, 8th year in league. 2 championships in the last 3 years, looking to become the second JKLS dynasty)

Ken came into the draft with a target on his back as the defending champion. In one of the closest championships in JKLS history and with the help of the Italian stallion Joey Luchessi, he was able to keep Steve Schmitt out of the winners circle for a 11th straight year. This year, Ken has put together one of the most powerful offenses the league has ever seen from a homers perspective. Up and down the roster, you see 40 home run potential at every position almost. When it is your week to play Ken, itll be a battle to make sure you can win enough offensive categories to survive as he did a good job to mixing power with speed. On the pitching front Ken put a ton of chips on the pocket pair of James Paxton and Jose Berrios. If that pair can come through and reach their potential, the sky is the limit for this roster. However, if injuries hit some of his oft injured pitchers, it could make for a difficult summer for Ken as he looks for ways to battle each week through the pitching categories. From this perspective I think he did a decent job of balancing the need to win right away with picking up some guys who might pay off in the long run. Another trip to the playoffs seems very much within reach for Ken as he has been one of the best week to week managers in the league. Barring the unexpected, he should be around in September to defend the crown.

Best Pick: Pete Alonso

Worst Pick: Starling Marte

  • Benny Biceps

Sean W (4 Championships, only player to win 3 in a row, only player to be called a dynasty. Finished in the top 4 in 11 out of 12 years playing.)

Benny Biceps roster is chock full of high ceiling players, especially offensively. He drafted many guys who are just starting out in the league but have the potential to be top 10 players in the games. How fast they grow into their potential will determine Sean’s success this year. He has the tools to have the most balanced and relentless offense in the league led by his first round pick, 2nd year stud Ronald Acuna. His pitching staff may not look like much to the untrained eye, but there is potential for major impact from almost every person he drafted. Keep a close eye if his starters begin the season well, it could spell doom for the rest of the league as his offense will easily be one of the 3 or 4 best right out of the gate. It looking like Sean’s long streak of dominance won’t be stopping this year, he should be right in the thick of it come September and end up with another top 4 seed again heading into the playoffs.

Best Pick: Andrew Benintendi

Worst Pick: Jean Segura

  • Tylers Tears

Ricky C (5th place last year, in and out of the league since its inception, still looking for his first championship)

Ricky is looking to become one of the top studs in JKLS fantasy sports this year. He has shown himself to be a very good manager throughout the season with savvy pickups and improved week to week managerial skills. His draft this year left him very much in the hunt for a playoff spot with a roster that seemed to find the balance between hitting and pitching that many other people lacked while drafting. While Ricky may not have the star power of some other teams in the league, he has perhaps the most balanced roster of anyone. Many of his pitchers are rising stars who will only get better this year and his roster overall features many guys hitting the prime years of their career, which is exactly when you want to own them. Ricky should be able to get into the playoffs this year, the question will become, how high is his ceiling? Can he reach that all elusive bye he has been seeking? I believe the potential is there.

Best Pick: Ross Stripling

Worst Pick: Elvis Andrus

  • LoLuMuELLeR?

Dan C (11th place last season, still seeking first championship in 10th year in league, 4 second place finishes)

Dan comes into this year looking to make amends for an alarmingly bad 2018 which saw him finish way out of the playoffs. This was highly unusual for Dan as he had established himself as a perennial playoff contender up until that point. You could tell from the very beginning that Dan was determined to build one of the best offenses in the league and he delivered on his goal. With JD Martinez and Charlie Blackmon roaming the outfield as well as Gary Sanchez primed for a bounce back year offensively, there seems to be very little which will be stopped Dan from being an offensive force throughout the year. With Ohtani (batter) waiting in the wings to help him sometime in May, the ceiling is very high for this offense. Dan’s concern will come with the pitching staff where he put a lot of his chips into guys who have been injured or underperforming as of late. He didn’t settle for mediocrity however, and the chase for high ceiling talent in the pitching staff should be enough to get Dan back into the playoffs where he has so often been.

Best Pick: Charlie Blackmon

Worst Pick: Chris Archer

  • One Big Pile of Duda

Rob E (First year in league, replacing the dearly departed Jon Gibbons, may he rest in peace in Middletown, New York)

Rob is new to the league but has added some fresh blood desperately needed to keep it competitive. With he ante upped to $150 this year, Rob came in and delivered with a very solid draft his first time out. His offense looks to be another one of the tops in the league as he attacked it early and often in what appeared to be a strong strategy he was able to execute. Bryant, Torres, Devers and Turner are just some of the studs he was able to capture on offense, many of whom are primed for bounce back years. His pitching staff is another issue as he seemed to go for more established veterans than looking for higher ceilings, hoping to get some older players who may still have a prime type year left in them. Will Kluber and Price be able to replicate their success in years past? It’ll be interesting to watch for as that may determine whether Rob is able to coast into a playoff spot and fight for a BYE or be on the outside looking in when September gets here. From this point of view it seems that Rob should have just enough to sneak into the playoffs if he can make the in season moves needed to improve that pitching staff.

Best Pick: Kris Bryant

Worst Pick: Jose Quintana

  • Rays All the Way

Chad(d) S (8th place last year, 2017 champion)

Chadd is looking to show that his 2017 championship was no fluke as he looks to establish himself amongst the leagues elite players this year. He started out building his team very well grabbing Jose Ramirez way down at the end of the first round then grabbing reigning MVP Christian Yelich after that. Unfortunately for Chadd, he was unable to keep that momentum going through the rest of his draft. His pitching staff started out well at the top with Bauer and Corbin but doesn’t have the depth needed in order to dominate the league as he had hoped. If Chadd wants to be a seriously contender, he will have to find a way to improve that pitching staff in a hurry and hope that Clayton Kershaw finds the fountain of youth and carries him into the playoffs. Right now, he looks to be battling for that 6th spot the entire season but coming up just short.

Best Pick: Trevor Bauer

Worst Pick: Clayton Kershaw

  • Wing Nutz

Kerry (9th place last year, 2 time champion, back to back titles in 2013, 2014)

Kerry has been the longstanding fantasy veteran of the group. He has been playing fantasy sports before most people in the league were alive and his experience pays off during the season as he is able to quickly fix his roster when he senses things aren’t going to plan. This year he was given the first overall pick and the chance to draft the best player in the league in Mike Trout. Anytime you can start your team with that you have to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, that big first pick wasn’t able to carry him through the entire draft as his pitching staff is suddenly filled with many holes that may not be easy to fill. With guys like Strasburg and Severino being counted on for ace like performances, it may be asking a lot of them to carry his team into the playoffs and get him the pitching categories he needs to win week in and week out. His offense is very solid and definitely in the top half of the league in most categories, but unless his pitching comes through with a few surprising performances, its hard to see him being in the top tier of the league when it comes to September.

Best Pick: Mike Trout

Worst Pick: Stephen Strasburg

  1.    I play for September

Stephen S (2nd place last season, 1 championship* asterisk because Dan managed his team for him in 2009 the year he won. 10 year championship drought)

Steve came in to 2019 with something to prove after coming so close last year to his first legitimate title ever. He was oh so close but just couldn’t quite close the deal as Ken took care of him at the end. Steve has been talking about redemption all winter but this draft he put together has me questioning just how badly he wants to be back in the playoffs. He started off well drafting surefire stud Nolan Arenado third overall, but from there seemed to reach for many players he could have easily gotten a couple rounds later on. Realmuto, Nola, and Ozuna were all guys who seemed to be drafted well before their predicted ADP and seemed to throw the rest of his draft into a hole. The biggest flaw on Steve’s team has to be his lack of depth, as his bench consists of all guys who could be referred to as “waiver fodders” for the most part. His lack of knowledge of the sleepers and rookie class seemed to show as he made no effort to go for any high ceiling guys at any point of the draft. This looks like it could be one of the long years for Steve as I see him finishing no higher than 8th place when September rolls around. If he is able to get into the playoffs with this squad, that would be truly impressive.

Best Pick: Yoan Moncada

Worst Pick: JT Realmuto, Aaron Nola, Jon Gray, Marcell Ozuna, Jorge Soler, Jake Lamb

  1.    LaMura’s Lineup

Joey L (7th place last year, still seeking his first JKLS championship in his 12th season in the league)

Joey is coming into the season somewhat under the radar as he has been unable to break through and win it all so far in his extended stay in the league. Although he has been competitive in most years, he hasn’t quite been able to break through. Will this be the year? He had a very solid, not spectacular draft which seemed to consist mostly of him going for guys who have had solid careers but will need to put forth their career best if Joey is to make the playoffs. It seems like Joey’s weakness for the season is going to the be his pitching staff, as he drafted Craig Kimbrel to lead his bullpen but he is currently without a team as the season opens. His bench is full of long time major league veterans and he will need a couple of these guys to have breakout years in order to get back into the playoff mix. He seems like a longshot for a playoff spot at this point, but anything could happen.

Best Pick: David Dahl

Worst Pick: Jose Altuve

  1.    ┬┴┬┴┤ ͜ʖ ͡°)

Brett B (10th place last year, still seeking his first championship in his 12th year in the league)

Brett is trying to right the ship after a few disappointing fantasy baseball seasons in a row for him. He is a longtime veteran of the league and should never be overlooked when going into a matchup with him due his experience and ability to adjust his roster midweek if necessary. Brett was able to strike a good balance between his offense and pitching which set the tone well for him going into the league year. He made many good picks and some questionable which leaves his roster as one of the hardest ones to judge. From this point of view, he seems to have enough to make the playoffs, the question will become can he consistently manage his team properly from week to week to ensure he reaches his playoff potential? Or will he allow himself to come up just short again and make some question whether he will ever become the championship team he so desires.

Best Pick: Bryce Harper

Worst Pick: Ozzie Albies