Restaurant Review – Oven + Tap

Margherita Pizza

Saturday I decided to take a visit to nearby Bentonville, Arkansas to go check out Oven + Tap, a restaurant which I had found on Yelp and looked like just the spot for lunch. Being that it was National Pizza Day, I wanted to make sure I was going into a situation that would live up to the billing of the day!

When I walked in, it was a laid back atmosphere with a good mixture of clientele. You had families with young kids, older couples, as well as college aged groups.

I was sat at a table and promptly given my menu to choose from. They were still serving the brunch menu but there was plenty of choices as far as pizza went. I decided to go with the margarita pizza as I typically go with whatever cheese option they have on the menu.

The pizza took about 10 minutes to be cooked and brought back out and it did not disappoint. From the very first bite I knew this Neapolitan style pizza was going to be a hit. The sauce was the real star of the dish, as it was full of flavor and not your typical red sauce you’ll find in other pizza places, this one stood out among the pack.

The mozzarella was very good, although there wasn’t much on the pizza it stood out and you could tell this wasn’t your store bought cheese.

Overall, Oven + Tap cooked a perfect pizza for the occasion. A light, Neapolitan style pizza was just right for a lunch visit. They also had many other options on the menu which looked delicious and I would highly recommend going in and checking them out, well worth the drive!